March 25th - 8:45pm - Backstage Theatre (Studio) - Admission €7.50 (Pay at the Door)


Director: Alejandro Landes - 102mins - Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay - 15A - 2019 - Subtitled

Exiled on a remote mountainside in South America, the Monos are a group of teenage soldiers. Their job: to guard a single hostage. They have their orders but also their rituals, and when the group’s leadership is tested, the dynamics shift and the few ties the Monos had to reality and the outside world dissolve.

“… haunting, challenging, affecting, alarming and utterly mesmerising.’’ - Mark Kermode, The Observer

Winter / Spring 2020 Programme

Our inaugural programme will run from January to May 2020. The Winter/Spring selection includes award-winning films like the magical and disturbing Colombian combat epic, Monos, Pedro Almodóvar's sublime Pain and Glory and what's been described as one of the defining British films of the decade Bait. We also have the excellent Irish-produced documentary Shooting the Mafia and the critically acclaimed drug epic Birds of Passage as well as the wonderful Good Posture. Of course, with short films always at the forefront of our programming, we will be showcasing a fantastic selection of films from both Ireland and abroad.

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