Still Voices Selects
Irish Shorts

April 16th - 8pm - Ballymahon Library - Admission: Free


Director: Tristan Heanue - 13mins - Live-Action Drama

A couple embark on a journey in the midst of a family crisis.

Five Letters To The Stranger Who Will Dissect My Brain

Director: Oonagh Kearney - 25mins - Experimental / Dance

When VIV a first year medical student at Trinity CollegeDublin takes a scalpel to a cadaver in her universityanatomy room, she is propelled on a soul-searching,emotional and philosophical quest into the nature ofwhat it means to be alive.

five letters

The Last Miner

Director: Luke Brabazon - 10mins - Non-Fiction

The last man working in his father's failing coal mine,Jim Power is faced with a difficult decision. Keep workingthe tunnels alone in the job he was brought up to do, or move on to an uncertain future?


Director: Sharon Whooley - 12mins - Live-Action / Experimental

Distance is a story about time in a specific place,Glenbride in Co. Wicklow in Ireland told from threetemporal perspecitves: that of a woman, a house and a mountain.


Pure Gold

Director: Rik Gordon - 14mins - Live-Action

In the grip of a famine, a farmer must provide for hisstarving family, however his desperation is exploited bya mischievous being, that tempts him with something precious.

pure gold

Strong at the Broken Places

Director: Anna Rodgers - 14mins - Non-Fiction

Raped at 14 by a Catholic Priest, human rights activist Colm O’Gorman challenges Pope Francis to tell the truth about the cover up of abuse during his divisive visit to Ireland in August 2018.

Winter / Spring 2020 Programme

Our inaugural programme will run from January to May 2020. The Winter/Spring selection includes award-winning films like the magical and disturbing Colombian combat epic, Monos, Pedro Almodóvar's sublime Pain and Glory and what's been described as one of the defining British films of the decade Bait. We also have the excellent Irish-produced documentary Shooting the Mafia and the critically acclaimed drug epic Birds of Passage as well as the wonderful Good Posture. Of course, with short films always at the forefront of our programming, we will be showcasing a fantastic selection of films from both Ireland and abroad.

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